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More 25G gear available.

Netberg Aurora 630 with 48x 25G SFP28 and 16x 100G QSFP28 ports is available from now on. You can choose from bare metal and ICOS-fueled options. It has a unique combination of ports, making it’s one of a kind in the 25G field.

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Our downtime.

For the last couple days, our website was mainly unavailable due to an emergency maintenance at our hosting provider site. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Simplifying the Cumulus Linux pricing model

What happened? The difference: What is your definition of leaf and spine? In a datacenter Clos network, leaf switches provide the access layer and are connected to server devices.Switches that provide access to nodes,that form the lower layer of the network, and that connect to the upper tier are considered

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First MediaTek-based switch.

Edge-Core AS5512-54X is the first commercially-available switch with Nephos Aries MT3257 ASIC. Looks like a traditional 10G switch with 48x 10G and 6x 40G ports, having Intel Atom C2538 quad-core CPU, redundant hot-swappable PSU, and two airflow options. Performance metrics: Wire Speed Forwarding: L2 and L3 Switching Capacity: 1.44 Tbps

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Cumulus Linux 3.2 is available.

Among all features and improvements, there is one for the CLI-hardened guys. The Network Command Line Utility, or NCLU, is a command line interface for Cumulus Networks products that works just like your good old CLI interface. It provides consistent access to networking commands directly via bash, thereby making configuration

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RFC4893 in ICOS

We manage to add support for 4-byte autonomous system (AS) numbers (RFC4893) in our ICOS NOS for Aurora 620/720 switches. It was not required for the data center applications but is suitable for the telco market. Before January 2009, BGP autonomous system (AS) numbers that were allocated to companies were

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Netberg Aurora remote workbench.

Looking to try ICOS or OpenSwitch? Don’t want to spend a lot of resources to get your PoC working? Our internal lab with multiple Netberg Aurora switches is available for remote access! All you have to do is to contact us, and we will then grant you access to our

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OF-DPA 2.0 and Tomahawk

There is a word that Aurora 620 and Aurora 720 supports Ubuntu with integrated OF-DPA 2.0 That means an availability of one more NOS option for Tomahawk HW and fully-features OpenFlow 1.3.4 support. MPLS in all it’s glory and several OpenFlow controllers are tested out. Sounds interesting for those who

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25G hardware is here!

Netberg Aurora 620 with 48x 25G SFP28 and 6x 100G QSFP28 ports is available from now on. You can choose from bare metal and ICOS-fueled options. Full replacement of 10/40G technology at the same cost to enhance your network!

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