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Cumulus Linux 4.2.0 release

NVIDIA Cumulus Linux 4.2.0 is a minor release that supports new platforms, provides bug fixes and contains several new features and improvements.. New Features and Enhancements Password changes: mandatory default password change upon first login, new ONIE command line options to set the user default password, add a license, and provide

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Cumulus is aquired by Nvidia. They closed the deal.

Besides standard talks about exciting prospects, key products, acceleration, disaggregation, new growth, and other blah-blah-blah, there are two changes we’d like to mention. The first one – a change in the business model. All transactions are moving to an authorized Cumulus/Mellanox distributor. There will be a week or two of

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Cumulus NetQ 3.0.0 released

Cumulus Networks has launched NetQ 3.0, with significant functionality improvements that streamline network operations and remove barriers to the adoption of open networking. Lifecycle Management (LCM) capabilities are in that upgrade, enabling NetQ to deliver upgrade and configuration management with push button-simplicity. NetQ 3.0 Highlights: With the addition of full

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Cumulus Linux 4.1.0 release

This version is a minor release that supports new hardware platforms, provides bug fixes, and contains several new features and improvements for everyone currently using version 4.0.0:New platforms supported: Dell 5212F-ON (25G Trident3 X5) Mellanox SN2010 with 32G RAM (25G Spectrum) New features and enhancements include: Static and dynamic NAT

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Academia and Research Program

With growing demand from the research community for access to Tofino-powered switches, we are happy to announce a special Academia and Research program. Instead of going through the whole NDA and SLA processes, a research organization or university members can apply for a shortcut and get access to Barefoot Forum

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Cumulus Linux 4.0 release

It’s our pleasure to inform you that Cumulus Networks is announcing our 4th Generation of open, modern network software including a major release of Cumulus Linux 4.0 as well as a minor release of NetQ and NetQ Cloud 2.4. 4th-Generation Launch Messaging Summary: As a result of nearly 10 years of focused

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VxLAN Routing in ICOS

Thanks to the RD team efforts, VxLAN routing is working now in ICOS NOS on Netberg platforms. Please check this article on VxLAN configuration and routing.

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Cumulus goes to campus networking

Starting with data center networking and building an impressive set of features is a nice start, but what comes next? Another big piece of networking space is campus networks. Especially when a large enterprise campus network starting to look much like enterprise data centers with a need for automation, simplicity,

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PayPal Information

To pay with PayPal, select PayPal as your payment method at Checkout. You will be redirected to the PayPal payment page, where you can log in with your PayPal username and password and confirm your payment. This method also allows payments without a PayPal account. You can enter your credit card information and pay safely via PayPal.

Our PayPal account is paypal@netbergtw.com.

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