This version is a minor release that supports new hardware platforms, provides bug fixes, and contains several new features and improvements for everyone currently using version 4.0.0:

New platforms supported:
  • Dell 5212F-ON (25G Trident3 X5)
  • Mellanox SN2010 with 32G RAM (25G Spectrum)

New features and enhancements include:

  • Static and dynamic NAT
  • Configuration to disable EVPN flooding (2)
  • Dynamic access control lists for 802.1X interfaces at the port level
  • Unequal Cost Multipath (UCMP) with BGP link bandwidth
  • Syntax checker for the /etc/cumulus/datapath/traffic.conf file
  • Port security also now supported on Mellanox switches
  • EVPN PIM also now supported on Mellanox switches
  • Port breakout configuration without restarting switchd on Mellanox switches
  • Custom layer 2 RASH heavy profiles available on Mellanox switches
  • Control link-local multicast across a static VXLAN tunnel
  • IPv6 route replacement option to maintain resilient hashing for IPv6 flows
  • Default reserved VLAN range reduced to 3600-3999
  • New NCLU commands: net show neighbors, net show sensor output, net show system leds


It’s highly recommended that all users running version 4.0.0 to upgrade to 4.1.0.