VxLAN Routing in ICOS

Thanks to the RD team efforts, VxLAN routing is working now in ICOS NOS on Netberg platforms. Please check this article on VxLAN configuration and routing.

10G strike back

A bit unexpected, but 10G is back as a real low-cost solution. 48x10G + 6x40G Netberg Aurora 420 with x86 CPU and ICOS NOS and Broadcom Trident 2 BCM56854 ASIC is available just at USD 4000. A brand-new, fully-functional 10G L3 switch with Linux shell tools, covered by 3-year warranty with a feature-rich software stack […]

RFC4893 in ICOS

We manage to add support for 4-byte autonomous system (AS) numbers (RFC4893) in our ICOS NOS for Aurora 620/720 switches. It was not required for the data center applications but is suitable for the telco market. Before January 2009, BGP autonomous system (AS) numbers that were allocated to companies were 2-octet numbers in the range […]

Netberg Aurora remote workbench.

Looking to try ICOS or OpenSwitch? Don’t want to spend a lot of resources to get your PoC working? Our internal lab with multiple Netberg Aurora switches is available for remote access! All you have to do is to contact us, and we will then grant you access to our labs of physical hardware for […]

25G hardware is here!

Netberg Aurora 620 with 48x 25G SFP28 and 6x 100G QSFP28 ports is available from now on. You can choose from bare metal and ICOS-fueled options. Full replacement of 10/40G technology at the same cost to enhance your network!

ICOS and Linux shell management.

More about ICOS here. DC switch NOS evolution For many years, switches were black boxes with management through CLI/web or special API from vendors. Cumulus Linux was the first product that aimed to change the industry and manage a switch like a Linux server with standard Linux management, monitoring, and provisioning tools. However, Cumulus Linux […]

A fully functional L3 switch below 2000 USD.

Aurora 220 switch with ICOS NOS is available at 1999 USD! Thanks to low-cost Helix4 ASIC and embedded CPU, the Aurora 220 offers a unique combination of performance and features along with redundant power and cooling. The software stack is built around proven ICOS 3.0 release with BGP-4, QOS, Multicast, IPv6, Routing, Data Center, and OpEN API […]

ICOS release for the Aurora 720 switch.

ICOS release for the Aurora 720 switch. The Aurora 720 switch is available with ICOS NOS for the deployment. What is ICOS? Official introduction – ICOS is a fully hardened networking OS specifically designed to run on Broadcom® StrataXGS switching silicon for datacenter applications, including spine/leaf deployments. ICOS supports traditional management options including an industry-standard command […]

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