Hi, all.

We want to make easy compatibility guide between our switches and existing network OS.

Here is a third part with 40G switches. You can find other parts here:

1G - BMS compability guide. Part 1: 1G models

10G - BMS compability guide. Part 2: 10G models

100G - BMS compatibility guide. Part 4: 100G models

25G - BMS compability guide. Part 5: 25G models


Model Routing ASIC CPU Ports Supported OS
Swich Light OS by Big Switch PicOS by Pica8 Cumulus Linux by Cumulus Networks OpenSwitch

Edge-Core AS6712-32X

(HPE Altoline 6940)

Broadcom BCM56850 (Trident2) Intel C2538 quad-core 2.4GHz x86 32 х 40G QSFP+ n/a + + +
Quanta T5032-LY6 Broadcom BCM56850 (Trident2) Freescale P2020 32 х 40G QSFP+ n/a n/a + n/a

If you find a mistake, have a question or want to offer something - feel free to write us.