Tomahawks versus Tridents

Which Broadcom ASIC family is better? Broadcom has its StrataXGS line for switching with Tomahawk and Trident families. What is the difference between them, and which one should you prefer? To understand the difference, we need to examine two things: what Broadcom says about each family and the SW support. Let’s look at descriptions first. […]

32x400G Aurora 810 with Intel Tofino 2 IFP

A new Intel Tofino 2 IFP system is ready for deliveries – Aurora 810 from Netberg. The Aurora 810 has 32x400G QSFP-DD ports for Spine, Leaf, NPB, DCI, ToR, Enterprise, Edge, and 5G deployment scenarios. With quad programmable packet processing pipelines and 20 Match Action Unit stages per pipe, Aurora 810 delivers unmatched flexibility to […]

Summer time promotion!

We have a promotion for Netberg Aurora 720 and Aurora 620 switches! New prices: Aurora 720 BMS – US$5,500 Aurora 720 with ICOS – US$7,500   Aurora 620 BMS – US$5,000 Aurora 620 with ICOS – US$6,200

Official SONiC support for the Innovium Teralynx platforms

Netberg’s SONiC platform code for Aurora 715 and Aurora 615 Innovium Teralynx-based switches is accepted into the official GitHub repository. The code follows community standards, delivering robust and proven software infrastructure for open network switches.

Innovium Teralynx has arrived

We have two new products available – Aurora 715 and Aurora 615 boxes from Netberg. Both have Innovium Teralynx 5 silicon at the core and are aimed at the data center and enterprise markets. The Aurora 715 has 32x100G QSFP28 ports for Spine, Leaf, DCI, ToR, Enterprise, Edge, and 5G deployment scenarios. The Aurora 615 […]

Inside a 32x400G TH3 switch

We already talked quite a bit about white-box switch architecture and how networking software works. There were pieces about basics, ICOS, OpenSwitch. All squares, arrows, names, and other theoretical cliches, completely unbound from the material base. This one will be a more physical piece, looking inside one of the most advanced products on the market […]

Academia and Research Program

With growing demand from the research community for access to Tofino-powered switches, we are happy to announce a special Academia and Research program. Instead of going through the whole NDA and SLA processes, a research organization or university members can apply for a shortcut and get access to Barefoot Forum for Advanced Switching Technology Education […]

400G Optics Available.

Ahead of any 400G open switching hardware, short and long range 400G optics in QSFP-DD form-factor is here. QSFP-DD 400G SR8 70M MMF QSFP-DD 400G LR4 10KM SMF

Whitebox Switches: Programmable VS Fixed ASICs

White Box Switches: The Basics, Part 1 White Box Switches: Part Two, ICOS White Box Switches: Part Three, OPS For quite some time we have a new buzz word on the market – programmable Ethernet silicon that makes your network so great that it cannot be ignored. Usually, it’s setoff between so-called fixed-function ASICs and […]

White Box Switches: Part Three, OpenSwitch

White Box Switches: The Basics, Part 1 White Box Switches: Part Two, ICOS White Box Switches: Part Four, Programmable VS Fixed ASICs A bit about OpenSwitch (OPS) OPS And OPX, or a Bit of History At first, OpenSwitch project and were governed by HP as they tried to ride the “open networking” wave. An […]

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