Academia and Research Program

With growing demand from the research community for access to Tofino-powered switches, we are happy to announce a special Academia and Research program. Instead of going through the whole NDA and SLA processes, a research organization or university members can apply for a shortcut and get access to Barefoot Forum for Advanced Switching Technology Education […]

Whitebox Switches: Programmable VS Fixed ASICs

White Box Switches: The Basics, Part 1 White Box Switches: Part Two, ICOS White Box Switches: Part Three, OPS For quite some time we have a new buzz word on the market – programmable Ethernet silicon that makes your network so great that it cannot be ignored. Usually, it’s setoff between so-called fixed-function ASICs and […]

OF-DPA 2.0 and Tomahawk

There is a word that Aurora 620 and Aurora 720 supports Ubuntu with integrated OF-DPA 2.0 That means an availability of one more NOS option for Tomahawk HW and fully-features OpenFlow 1.3.4 support. MPLS in all it’s glory and several OpenFlow controllers are tested out. Sounds interesting for those who want to play with telecom […]

One month late news – OpenNSL from Broadcom.

It’s a pity that we missed such a great announcement – Broadcom is bringing opportunities to open networking world with Open Network Switch Library (OpenNSL) available on GitHub. OF-DPA is here for a while for those who wants to develop a scalable implementation of OpenFlow 1.3 on Broadcom switch devices, and now the same became possible […]

Intel Alta FM6000 development assistance

In our previous material about Intel ONS we mention about flexibility and performance of Intel FM6764 silicon. Now we announce SW developer kit availability! It is based on Quanta IZ1 (outdated) switch with Intel Ethernet Switch FM6764 (Alta), Intel Core i3-2115C processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory and 32GB SSD. Software support include the Intel Ethernet […]

White box switches: Understanding the basics

White box switches and their associated operating systems are poised to make an impact on the networking industry during 2014. White box Ethernet switches offer IT the advantages of flexibility, lower Capex and potentially lower operating costs as compared to traditional “black box” Ethernet switch options. White box switch adoption will be led by large […]

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