Surprisingly, the first large enterprise to adopt SONiC is a retailer, Target.

They set out on a mission to employ disaggregated and open Network for the Enterprise about a year and half ago. Now this milestone is achieved with more flexibility, choice, and control across the network.

SONiC was declared a gamechanger in OSS networking quite a while ago, and now it’s come into reality, backed by a solid feature set and strong roadmap.

Significant gains in manageability, telemetry, and observability with SONiC are very real. Having started as an in-house project by Microsoft to power its immense Azure infrastructure, SONiC managed to gain traction that no other open NOS had.

We support SONiC on Netberg Innovium Teralynx and Intel Tofino-based platforms and aim to commit all the code to the SONiC community later this year.