Starting with data center networking and building an impressive set of features is a nice start, but what comes next?

Another big piece of networking space is campus networks. Especially when a large enterprise campus network starting to look much like enterprise data centers with a need for automation, simplicity, flexibility, and control.

In addition to the features and benefits that make Cumulus Linux and NetQ/NetQ Cloud, so appealing to data center customers, Cumulus has added campus-specific features. The most critical, but are not limited to, include:

  • 802.1x for authentication and security (many sub-features: MAB/MDA/URL redirect/port security, etc.)
  • PoE mandatory
  • 1G supported hardware with a large number of ports (Mulitgig coming soon)
  • Voice VLAN
  • L2/L3
  • Automation
  • MLAG

It’s time to consider that a legacy approach to campus networks may no longer provide efficiency from a technology or cost perspective and often leads to an inflexible network with a bandaid approach to features that continue to add cost and complexity.