Cumulus went to perpetual license model


  • Align with industry standard – all OS’ sold this way.
  • NOS is integral to the switch – customers expect to own it
  • Reduce procurement/sales barrier – make things frictionless

The difference:


  • Match customer expectations
  • Competitive: Maintain price competitiveness (C-Index)
  • Software to Hardware Ratio: Reasonable

The portfolio is divided into categories, as before: 1G, Leaf, and Spine.

Four SKUs for each portfolio:


SW License (Perpetual RTU)

Included SnS



1 Year



3 Years (10-20% SnS savings)



5 Years (20-30% SnS savings)



1 Year SnS add-on

Optimize for production customers: more attractive cost on multi-year SKUs

At first sight, pricing is higher in 1-3 year periods. However, in the case of production environment you need to extend subscription after expiration, so the real-world scenario is more biased toward perpetual license model.

Small FAQ:

What will happen when the Software Updates and Support term expires?

  • Without an active Software Updates and Support contract, customers will be unable to take advantage of any software updates, upgrades, and security fixes; nor can they contact the Cumulus Networks support team.

Can Cumulus Linux still be purchased as a subscription license?

  • All new customers must purchase perpetual licenses
  • For all existing customers, we will allow grandfathering, but such customers will be given the opportunity to convert to perpetual licenses at very favorable terms

 Can I purchase perpetual licenses with different Software Updates and Support duration periods?

  • All licenses purchased for a given project or in a given purchase should have the same Software Updates and Support duration period.

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