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BM-switch.com is dedicated to delivering the open economy model to networking worlds. We believe that disaggregation of traditional enterprise networking into bare metal switching (BMS, also known as a white-box switch) hardware with preloaded Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) and HW-agnostic network OS (NOS) enable users to build new systems that are more flexible, more scalable, and more efficient.

An open economy with transparent pricing decrease OPEX/CAPEX and break free from vendor lock-in.

A significant part of these efforts is providing a stable, feature-rich NOS with open source code, and the industry choice here is SONiC - Software for Open Networking in the Cloud. Widely supported, with a strong roadmap, and working on multiple ASICs because of SAI adoption, it's a natural choice for many applications.

We aim to provide accurate product information, availability and ensure your orders are fulfilled as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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