More about ICOS here.

DC switch NOS evolution

For many years, switches were black boxes with management through CLI/web or special API from vendors.

Cumulus Linux was the first product that aimed to change the industry and manage a switch like a Linux server with standard Linux management, monitoring, and provisioning tools. However, Cumulus Linux is aimed at the particular market with heavy L3 usage and offers a limited set of network protocols.

What’s going on with traditional CLI-oriented network OS?

They are going to be open too. Let’s take a look at ICOS, a feature-rich package from Broadcom that serves as a foundation for NOS on their ASICs.

Unlike servers, Ethernet switch does not allow simple Linux deployment with an ASIC drivers. Special integration efforts are required for a proper LED indication management, port mapping, power control, etc. Such integration could be implemented in many ways, let’s take a look at them.

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