In this article we’d like to remind you about the Software Defined Network (SDN) concept and discuss its implementation in the Intel ONS platform.

What is SDN?

There is a lot of information available about SDN, so we will just briefly remind you the basic idea, which is to manage network equipment and data transfers separately.

Here are the benefits of this solution:

  • Direct network programming: The separation of the management planes lets you build your architecture directly.
  • Flexibility: the administrator can adjust the network’s operation rules “on the fly” to adapt to changing requirements.
  • Centralized management: All management options are combined (logically) in a single location, namely in the SDN controller. The network is identified by applications as a single logical switch.
  • Software-based configuring: The SDN concept allows to configure, manage, define security rules and optimize network resources quickly through automated means. You can even develop your own tools for that purpose.
Fig. 1. SDN

The concept is still controversial, yet we think it is highly perspective.

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